Stainless Steel PF IBC Tanks

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Finncont is well-known for its IBCs which make the maximum use of space. The IBC’s have a high usable capacity in proportion to their external dimensions. This means that cargo space can be utilised to maximum efficiency. Two layers of the 800 litre IBC can be stacked in a standard shipping container whilst a normal road vehicle will take the 1000 litre version double stacked. Transport and storage in Finncont IBC’s is therefore an economical solution.

Whether you transport food or dangerous goods, it is important to deliver them to their destination intact and in good condition. This is achieved by selecting the grades of plastic materials which are compatible with the goods to be transported and testing the construction of the IBC in extreme conditions. Durability is guaranteed by combining a rotationally moulded container with thick walls, a valve which is designed for industrial use and a frame providing protection against external impact.

Each Finncont IBC is bespoke made to our customer needs, so please contact us directly for a quotation.

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