Stainless Steel Heated IBC Tanks


Finncont Active IBCs can be supplied with three different heating methods, these are:

-1)Steam heating.

2)Jacket Immersion heating.

3)Trace heating.

The method of heating is based upon the properties of the liquid being transported and its heating requirements.

These parameters are:-

1)Purpose of heating; maintain or increase temperature of contents.

2)Accuracy of control; can be chosen to + or -2°C.

3)Temperature range.

4)Maximum allowed surface temperature.

5)Direct or indirect heating.

6)Insulated or not.

7)Other requirements; mixing etc.

Each Finncont IBC is bespoke made to our customer needs, so please contact us directly for a quotation.

Please confirm that no Hazardous Materials will be stored in this IBC.

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