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IBC Retesting and Re-Certification

Pensteel are pleased to offer a Repair and Recertification program, primarily for Finncont Heavy Duty Stainless Steel IBCs.

Stainless Steel IBCs are specialised pieces of kit, enabling users to complete various complex tasks by having a multitude of uses. Our Repair and Recertification program assists in keeping these expensive pieces of kit in service and in the best conditions for as long as possible, whilst also ensuring the IBCs are still safe to use and fall within the set UN Regulations.

Whether you have a single IBC, or an entire fleet that are in need of a service, please contact us on the form at the bottom of this page and we will gladly assist.


The repair of IBCs is best performed at our site, all IBCs received are inspected, then a full report is issued to the IBC owner, only upon receipt of your official order will repairs commence, so you know exactly how much the repair will cost. All IBCs which are repaired will automatically require a full UN Re-certification test, the cost of which will be included in the report. Pensteel will then issue a new certificate, but will also retain a copy for future reference should a copy be required, wewill also send a reminder when the container again requires re-testing.

Spare Parts & Service

We maintain spares for the Finncont range of IBCs, including the MC, CF, RF, PD, PC, PF, WF & CS containers, together with a range of spares for the Schütz IBCs. We are also able to provide single and twin bunds manufacture from stainless, mild steel and MDPE for IBCs anddrums, we also carry spares for Shafer, Kaucon, Ucon/thielmann, Blefa and Schutz IBCs.

Pensteel Limited provides a useful and cost effective service to operators of UN certified IBCs.Whilst the UK guidelines laid down by the Department of Transport allow the IBC operator to carry out their own inspection and testing, those of our European partners are often more stringent. For example, the Finnishguidelines demand that the Tester be trained by the IBC manufacturer who in turn has been trained and certified by theFinnishGovernment testing house, and that the tester isindependent of the IBC owners production pressures and costs.Therefore many users believe, that an Independent Test will remove any suspicion that the test was carried out competently.In addition, Time and Cost pressures on the operator’s productive workers, does not allow time for necessary inspections, at an average cost of £14.95 per week, when in service, the cost of delay in inspections can quickly be greater than the cost of Testing.Pensteel Limited provide an inspection service for all types of composite and metallic IBCs, and carry spares for most designs; however, any spares we do not hold may be taken from your company’sown stock.Our normal service is provided from our Basildon site; where containers may be delivered and collected, with an approximate turnaround of three (3) days, but will also depend upon any structural repairs. There is no minimum quantity, although a small premium may be charged for small numbers.Often our site service can be more cost effective; it is cheaper to send a test engineer in a vehicle than it is to ship containers around the country. However, to be economical we would normally recommend a minimum quantity of ten (10) containers. The cost will depend on the type of container to be tested, and the location.


In addition, we can hold records of your fleet and issue reminders, but would initially need the basic fleet information from yourselves, ie a copy of the original containers test certificate (from the manufacturers country of test, together with a GA drawing so as we know how the container was supplied).