IBCs & Accessories / Spares

  • Schutz Spares

    Designed for the light duty Schutz IBCs. Find a huge range of genuine Schutz spare or replacement parts for your light duty IBCs including valves, valve caps, top caps and seals

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  • Schutz Adaptors

    Schutz Adaptors

    Designed for the light weight composite IBCs, our comprehensive range of adaptors will enable you to empty these containers safely, with no leakage. Both 2 /DN50 and 3/DN80 adaptors are available.  
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  • Desiccant IBC Breathers & Absorption Cartridges

    Moisture and other contaminants seriously affect many fluids and semi fluids. Most of the materials which are affected are stored in tanks or IBCs, which are either located in the open and vented to atmosphere, or can be located within process areas and can be affected by other materials used in the same area.

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Jackets & Covers

IBC & Drum Bunds