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#ThrowBackThursday – When we mingled with the stars (sort of)

Let’s be completely honest here, right off the bat – the world of IBCs isn’t the most glamorous of all time. Yes, we sometimes get to pop across to Finland to visit Finncont, and sometimes in the summer the office gets so warm you could fool yourself into thinking you’re in the Bahamas, but on the whole it’s not quite up there with the lifestyle lead by the stars of Hollywood.

Our drums on the set of Johnny English: Reborn in Hong Kong

Sometimes though, our humble little IBCs get to see the stars and mingle among them… Kind of. Back in 2010, we were contacted by a studio company who were after some of our Plastic F1 Drums to be shipped all the way to Hong Kong. After asking a couple of questions we were finally able to find out which film they would be a part of. 2011 Action-comedy film Johnny English Reborn, namely the scenes in the Hong Kong harbour are where you can catch a brief glimpse of our drums. Sadly they weren’t credited with their important role at the end of the film.

You can watch the entire Hong Kong Chase sequence, which include our drums below