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Schütz announce MX560 IBC Tank Range

Schütz HQ in Germany have announced this week a new range of adorable looking 560L IBCs. Dubbed the MX560, this little container is set to fill the gap between the 640L IBC and a pallets worth of drums.

The MX560 maintains the same standard pallet size of 1000mm x 1200mm, which means that they are easy to cost up when transporting them. The real bonus’ are gained when they are placed into an ISO box, or mass-packed onto a lorry or train.

Where an MX640 or MX1000 can be stacked two-high within a transport vehicle or container, the MX560 can actually be stacked 3 high, allowing for almost 17,000 litres of product to be moved within a 20ft ISO container.

The range of MX560’s includes a “standard” specification (above) with a metal pallet, as well as an EX, FSSC and EVOH variants, making this a small but mighty little tank.

At the moment, these can only be ordered in full loads of 104pcs, as they are made to order and are imported from Germany, however should the market pickup in the UK, expect those MOQ’s to come down.