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Orders, whether sent to the Company or given to the Company’s representatives and whether
verbal or in writing do not constitute a Contract until they have been accepted by the
Company, either by written acknowledgement or by sending the goods involved.

Unless otherwise agreed, our terms of business are net monthly account. This requires
settlement in full by the end of the month following the date shown on our invoice. If payment
is not made by the due date Pensteel Limited reserves the right to take legal action or appoint
debt collection agents to obtain payment on our behalf. In that event all additional costs
incurred will be payable by the customer on an indemnity basis. All prices quoted are in
pounds sterling, are ex-works and exclude VAT; unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Orders placed that are less than £200 can only be accepted on a pro-forma basis.

All contracts covering the rental of stainless steel IBCs must be paid by company credit card if
the total monthly figure is less than £351. Pensteel will supply all relevant paperwork after the
transaction has taken place. The first month’s rental price will be collected prior to the delivery
of the said container/s

Monthly accounts will be considered after Bank and two trade references have been provided,
evaluated, and the Company’s conditions of sale agreed to.

If the customer is in breach of the payment terms Pensteel Limited reserves the right to:
• Charge interest on overdue accounts according to the current EU Directive regarding
‘late payments’.
• Refuse to accept any further orders from the customer until payment of the
customer’s account is brought up to date.
• Terminate the customer’s account facility and require payment in advance for future
• Withdraw specially formulated prices.

Where specially manufactured products are involved, we reserve the right to invoice the
balance of the goods held in stock. If the order is accepted for manufacture by the Company
for deliveries to be called off by the buyer, then, failing collection by the buyer 30 days after
each delivery is due, the Company will be entitled to charge storage for goods remaining
uncollected, treat the title to the goods as having passed, and invoice for the

Goods conforming to the order and correctly supplied will not be accepted back for credit
except by prior arrangement, when the right is reserved to levy a handling charge to reflect
the additional administration and transport expenses incurred.
Customers must notify the carriers and ourselves in writing within two days of arrival of goods, otherwise no claim can be upheld. Endorsing delivery note “not examined” will not be held to absolve customers from this liability.

A condition of sale is that the goods supplied remain the property of the Company until
payment therefore is received in full and right of access to remove them wherever situated is
reserved at all times. The Company conditionally permits the buyer to resell the goods, and
such resale of goods in which the property has not passed to the buyer, shall be made by the
buyer acting as agent for the Company. The buyer shall keep any proceeds of re-sale
separate and in trust for the Company to the full extent of all sums owing to the Company.

The Company reserve the right to adjust existing prices, at one months notice, should our
costs be affected by circumstances beyond our control (i.e. raw material costs, currency realignments,
fuel costs, etc.)

Delivery dates are estimated and not guaranteed. The right to over deliver or under deliver up
to 10% of any order where such practice is customary in the trade.

We prefer to receive customer remittances by BACS Bank Transfer direct to our account. We
can also offer settlement by Company Purchase and major credit and debit cards.
Acceptance of the Company’s goods and/or credit facilities constitutes the customers
agreeing to the above “Terms of Trading”.

The contract will be deemed to have been made in England and shall be governed in all
aspects by English law. The buyer shall submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.
To open an account with Pensteel Limited please e-mail us at “”

Download Terms and
Conditions as pdf file

Tramadol Online Prescription - Discount Cheap Pills Tramadol

Pensteel Ltd. Can offer a huge range of IBCs from several world-renowned Manufacturers.

From lightweight multi-trip containers, To heavy-duty all metal containers, Pensteel can meet your needs.

From plastic/metal composites, to aluminium, mild or stainless steel units, containers to carry hazardous chemicals (UN Certified), to harmless food products. Supplying simple disposable transport IBCs – to long life, stirred / heated / insulated tanks, along with a vast range of IBC accessories, attachments and spares.

Pensteel are here to help you meet your needs, be it containers for harsh chemicals, Foodstuffs or pharmaceutical, to drums for fuels and oils, to IBC Bunds, Feeder systems and jackets.

We are accountable for our conduct and our decisions. We only make promises we intend to keep—we do the things we say we will do - If things change, we let people know. We avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest. We value our customer satisfaction We will always consider the customer in all we do. Exceed the expectations of our customers. Do what’s right for the customer the first time and to build long-term customer relationships. All our staff will behave in a way that supports our corporate values.


We continuously guide our two chosen
world leading IBC suppliers with innovative and cutting edge research possibilities.
Our packaging solutions – We continually push the possibilities of our packaging products to reduce environmental impact.
Our Innovations – We continuously look
for ways of improving IBCs and their associated equipment.


Commit to equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of race, disability, gender (including gender re-assignment), age, religion or belief and sexual orientation; enabling us to make the best and most effective decisions and to utilize fully the talents of all colleagues. Maintain the highest standards of service with customers and team members, We value and reward open, honest two-way communication.


Customer service is important in any business, but at Pensteel we will strive to understand your needs, guide you to
the best solution to your requirement, with
a get it right first time approach.


Pensteel is the longest serving IBC supplier in the UK, our staff visit our suppliers on a regular basis to learn about new innovations and to pass on our clients requirements, combined we have over 50 years worth of experience upon which you can call upon.