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    Heavy Duty UV Light Proof IBC Cover

    Insulated Jackets

    Thermal and Water Resistant Insulated IBC Jackets.
    Prices from:
    640L – £150.04
    1000L – £163.25
    1250L – £181.50

    PLEASE NOTE: For use in the food industry it is recommended that the “bound edges” option is selected, to ensure the jacket is completely sealed.

    Heavy Duty Insulated IBC Jackets

    Manufactured from a polyurethane coated nylon with a highly efficient layer of thermal insulation contained within. Velcro is used to secure the side jacket.

    Prices from £250.00

    Heated IBC Jacket: Single Circuit

    Designed for the long term insulation of IBCs suitable for a vast range of liquids and chemicals. The Single Circuit IBC Jacket will help to keep your product warm and keep viscosity low.

    Price – £900.00

    Heated IBC Jacket: Double Circuit

    Designed for the long term insulation of IBCs. Suitable for a vast range of liquids and chemicals. The Double Circuit Heated Jacket allows users to heat liquids as evenly as possible.

    Price – £1,400.00

    Heated IBC Jacket: Triple Circuit

    Designed for the long term insulation of IBCs. Suitable for a vast range of liquids and chemicals. The Triple Circuit Heated IBC Jacket allows users to heat their product as quickly as possible.

    Price – £1,900.00

    Light Duty Export Jacket

    Designed to be a low cost insulated jacket for the export market, the “DISPCVIBC” ͟is produced as a low cost insulated cover and is an ideal option if you will not be having them returned for re-use.

    Price – £50.00

    Heat Shrink Cover

    Designed for use within the food industry and used to cover FDA approved containers prior to filling and for storage to reduce the build up of warehouse dust on the top surface of the container, also used within the paint industry to reduce the effects of overspill during filling of the IBC.

    Black Plastic IBC Cover

    Primarily designed for use by the food industry and used to cover FSSC approved containers prior to filling, our covers are now used within the coatings industry to reduce the effects of overspill during the filling of the IBC; as well as being used as dust covers during storage.

    Prices from £2.50 per cover

    Heavy Duty PVC IBC Covers

    Designed for the long term protection of IBCs. Suitable for a vast range of liquids and chemicals. The Heavy Duty PVC Cover is used to protect either an uncovered IBC, or an IBC with heated jacket.
    Prices from £300.00


Pensteel Ltd. Can offer a huge range of IBCs from several world-renowned Manufacturers.

From lightweight multi-trip containers, To heavy-duty all metal containers, Pensteel can meet your needs.

From plastic/metal composites, to aluminium, mild or stainless steel units, containers to carry hazardous chemicals (UN Certified), to harmless food products. Supplying simple disposable transport IBCs – to long life, stirred / heated / insulated tanks, along with a vast range of IBC accessories, attachments and spares.

Pensteel are here to help you meet your needs, be it containers for harsh chemicals, Foodstuffs or pharmaceutical, to drums for fuels and oils, to IBC Bunds, Feeder systems and jackets.

We are accountable for our conduct and our decisions. We only make promises we intend to keep—we do the things we say we will do - If things change, we let people know. We avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest. We value our customer satisfaction We will always consider the customer in all we do. Exceed the expectations of our customers. Do what’s right for the customer the first time and to build long-term customer relationships. All our staff will behave in a way that supports our corporate values.


We continuously guide our two chosen
world leading IBC suppliers with innovative and cutting edge research possibilities.
Our packaging solutions – We continually push the possibilities of our packaging products to reduce environmental impact.
Our Innovations – We continuously look
for ways of improving IBCs and their associated equipment.


Commit to equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of race, disability, gender (including gender re-assignment), age, religion or belief and sexual orientation; enabling us to make the best and most effective decisions and to utilize fully the talents of all colleagues. Maintain the highest standards of service with customers and team members, We value and reward open, honest two-way communication.


Customer service is important in any business, but at Pensteel we will strive to understand your needs, guide you to
the best solution to your requirement, with
a get it right first time approach.


Pensteel is the longest serving IBC supplier in the UK, our staff visit our suppliers on a regular basis to learn about new innovations and to pass on our clients requirements, combined we have over 50 years worth of experience upon which you can call upon.