How IBCs are helping out after the huge floods that hit Europe

Over the last week or so, Germany, Belgium and Holland – as well as other countries, have all been hit by some devastating floods, leaving thousands of people without power, water, businesses or homes. On top of all of this, smaller communities have been cut off from larger cities where relief centres are being housed.


In these dark times for everyone involved, there is a glimmer of hope as communities come together to repair and rebuild what they have lost, with gangs of hundreds of people all working to clear streets, houses and clear pathways around destroyed bridges and roads. It’s a massive effort that will no doubt take months or potentially even years to return back to a state of normality.

A bridge lays destroyed, cutting a small village off from vital supplies - (Image from Misha Charoudin on Youtube)

During times like these, IBCs become worth their weight in gold, as not only are they easily transported strapped to the top of civilian vehicles as well as military trucks, allowed cut off regions to have fresh, clean water; they can also be used for so many different roles. Adblue IBCs will be used to keep all the emergency service vehicles running, EX-type IBCs can be used to store fuel for generators and vehicles, foodgrade, or even regular new IBCs can be used for drinking water for people and animals.

In the images above, you can see the German Army lifting an IBC using a helicopter to take key supplies off to a community.

These images were taken by Misha Charoudin in Nurburg, Germany. You can watch his video on the clean up efforts, as well as learn how to donate below: