Schütz announce new injection moulded earthing cable

Following on from Schütz’s large strides in in the industry over the last few years to make their IBCs easier and greener to produce, Schütz  have recently announced another new innovation regarding their EX IBCs.

After continuous investment and R&D around how to make the process of making IBCs simpler and better for the environment by looking heavily into their tooling, Schütz are now able to make an injection-moulded earthing cable made from conductive plastic for all DN50 butterfly outlet valves – these are teh 50mm outlets.

The new earthing cable made of conductive plastic material will be connected with the earthing plate via the earthing screw at the valve end and screwed to the bottom plate at the other end, exactly as the copper cable is connected today. As you can see in the picture below, no components in contact with the product are affected.


The conductive connection between the valve and the steel grid is provided and all requirements of IEC TS 60079-32-1:2013 as well as TRGS 727:2016 are met.


In addition, there is now a better supply assurance due to the higher in house production and the removal of the dependency of copper, which in the current market is highly volatile.